Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series Competitive Age Graded Division

The Competitive Division is a year-long points competition with top area runners of all ages competing for over $7,000 in prize money and bonuses. Points are earned based on age-graded performances in more than a dozen top Sacramento-area road races. Races are split into two types of standings and will be your best performance out of 6 races, 3 short and 3 long. If you are registered under a team you are automatically  registered into the competitive division, you DO NOT need to use the registration link below. However if you would like to be eligible for the Milestone program you must register for that program from the “Milestone Program Page.” Prospective members have until April 10 to register and submit payment.

Competitive Division Standings


Results for the Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series will be calculated using the international age-grading tables. These tables use statistics gathered over many years of performances by runners of all ages. Some of the internal workings of age grading are technical, but it can be simply explained as a way to determine an “age grading percentage” for each runner for a given performance. This percentage is the percentage of the expected world record for that age, based on statistics of what other runners of that age and other ages have done. For example, for a 42-year old male runner, the expected age world record for 5k based on the tables is 13:51 (pretty fast!). If a 42-year old runner runs a 16:36 at a race, he will be given an age-grading percentage of 83.47, the difference between his actual time and the expected age world record. Age grading accurately compares performances among competitors in all age groups.

Age-Graded Tables Establish the Following Standards of Performance Levels:

  • Over 90% = World Class
  • Over 80% = National Class
  • Over 70% = Regional Class
  • Over 60% = Local Class

Practical Uses of the Age-Graded Tables:

  • Adjust a performance to what it would have been (or will be) in your prime.
  • Compare a current performance to a performance in your prime.
  • Track your progress over the years.
  • Race your friends “fairly” – male or female, younger or older.
  • Compare your performances with anyone of any age or gender.
  • Enable those at the upper end of age groups to compete on an equal level with those at the middle and lower end of the age groups.
  • Run races with time handicaps like the No Excuses 5k.
  • Rewarding the truly superior runners regardless of age through a running series like the Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series.

For an age-graded calculator:

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Prize Money


The $7,000 prize money purse is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Buzz Oates; the Poswall, White & Brelsford Law Firm; Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento and the Sacramento Running Association. Prize money is distributed to individuals and club teams. The corporate competition prize is a year end trophy.

Each person’s total is the sum of their best 6 races, 3 short and 3 long.

Top 10 Series Men & Women Top Individual Performance for the year
1st place – $500 Men & Women $250
2nd place – $400
3rd place – $350  Race Record Bonus
4th place – $300  – 1 Individual – $200
5th place – $250  – 2 Individuals – 1st ($125) 2nd ($75)
6th place – $200  – 3 Individuals – 1st ($125) 2nd ($50) 3rd ($25)
7th place – $150
8th place – $100 Year end team prize money
9th place – $75 1st = $300
10th place – $50 2nd = $200
3rd = $100


The top 5 individual runners from each team in the individual scoring will be used to score teams at the end of the year. So if your team has runners that are in 4th, 7th, 9th, 13th, and 20th place at the end of the year your total team score is 53 points. Lowest score wins. If a member changes teams they will be considered unattached.

Year end team prize money for both men’s and women’s teams:
1st = $300
2nd = $200
3rd = $100

See “Join Now” to see how to get your team signed up.

Record Bonus

The Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series is proud to announce the addition of race record bonuses. In an effort to have the most competitive and well-rounded race series possible, individuals will be awarded a cash prize for breaking a race record on the series. If multiple people break the record, the payout will go three deep and will be handled in the following manner. Race must have an established race record.

– 1 Individual – $200
– 2 Individuals – 1st ($125) 2nd ($75)
– 3 Individuals – 1st ($125) 2nd ($50) 3rd ($25)

Series Event Men’s Record Women’s Record
Super Sunday 10k Phillip Reid 30:36 (2018) Alison Maxson 34:05 (2015)
Super Sunday 5k Chris Tyson 15:21 (2016) Tori Tyler 16:35 (2016)
Valentine Run Kevin Pool 19:21.7 (2010) Jane Kibii 21:18 (2015)

Shamrock’n 5k

Anthony Cortes 15:51 (2019) Nicole Lane 17:39 (2019)

Shamrock’n 10k

Will Holleran 34:38 (2018) Karen Horvath 39:34 (2018)
Shamrock’n 1/2 Malcom Richards 1:06:17 (2019) Jane Kibii 1:14:56 (2015)
SACTOWN 10M Tesfaye Alemayehu 47:36 (2014) Jane Kibii 53:21 (2016)
SACTOWN 5k Chriss Grimble 15:23 (2017) Rachel Mitchell 17:55 (2018)
Zoo Zoom 5k Kevin Pool 15:02 (2012) Melanie Cleland 17:07.0
Zoo Zoom 10k Kevin Pool 31:18 (2015) Rachel Mitchell 36:02 (2018)
Parkway 1/2 Kevin Pool 1:09:01 (2012) Olivia Mickle 1:17:34 (2015)
Fair Oaks Sun Run Charlie Brenneman 25:44 (2014) Rolanda Bell 30:44 (2003)
No Excuses 5k Charlie Brenneman 15:21.6 (2014) Phoebe Novello 17:09 (2018)
Fab 40’s 5k Austin Ramos 14:56.5 (2009) Olivia Mickle 17:26 (2014)
Race For The Arts 5k Kevin Pool 15:13 (2012) Jaymee Marty 17:32 (2009)
Buffalo Stampede Dave Taylor 48:40 (1996) Jane Kibii 54:59 (2018)
Let’s ROC!! 5k Charlie Brenneman 15:26.9 (2014) Alycia Cridebring 16:46 (2016)
Urban Cow 5k Kevin Pool 14:49 (2012) Yumi Park 16:51 (2012)
Urban Cow 1/2 Kevin Pool 1:06:18 (2013) Lauren Jimison 1:14:29 (2013)
Apple Hill 8.5M Charlie Brenneman 44:38 (2014) Mary Coordt 54:00 (2005)
Run to Feed the Hungry 5k Jeffrey Lease 14:39.2 Jane Kibii 16:03 (2014)
Run to Feed the Hungry 10k Alena Reta 28:37.4 Salome Kosggi 32:27
California International Marathon Jerry Lawson 2:10:27 (1993) Volha Mazuronak 2:27:33 (2014)

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